Biden Plans Mass Amnesty Amid Record-Low Approval Ratings

President Joe Biden is reportedly set to issue an executive order that would grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. CBS News reports that the administration plans to use a policy known as “parole in place” to provide temporary legal status, work permits, and protection from deportation for those with American citizen spouses. This could eventually lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

The information comes from two current U.S. officials, two former officials, and a congressional aide, all of whom spoke anonymously. This proposed amnesty is likely to provoke significant debate.

According to a recent CBS News poll, 62% of Americans support former President Donald Trump’s policy of deporting all illegal immigrants. This suggests that many Americans might oppose Biden’s plan. The proposed executive order comes as Biden faces record-low approval ratings, with many attributing this to his administration’s handling of border security and immigration policies.

Critics argue that the proposed mass amnesty could encourage further illegal immigration, worsening the current border situation. They contend that offering legal status to those who entered the country illegally undermines the rule of law and is unfair to those who followed legal immigration processes. Additionally, they warn that such a policy could place additional strain on public services and resources.

Supporters, however, believe that this measure is a compassionate and practical solution to a long-standing problem. They argue that it would help keep families together and provide a path to stability for those who have been living in the shadows. Advocates also point out that immigrants contribute significantly to the economy, and granting them legal status would enable them to contribute even more.

This proposed executive order is likely to become a major point of contention as the next election approaches. With Biden’s approval ratings already low, the response to this amnesty plan could have significant implications for his administration and the broader political landscape. The ongoing debate underscores the complexity of the immigration issue and its profound impact on American society and politics.

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