Pelosi Criticizes Supreme Court, Claims It Has ‘Gone Rogue’

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently criticized the legitimacy of the U.S. Supreme Court, asserting that it has “gone rogue” due to its recent rulings. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Pelosi expressed her lack of confidence in the court, questioning the integrity of its decisions.

“No, I think they have gone rogue. It’s most unfortunate,” Pelosi said. She also questioned the stance of Chief Justice John Roberts, implying uncertainty about whether he has weakened or aligned with the perceived rogue actions of the court.

Pelosi linked her critique of the Supreme Court to broader concerns about congressional actions, referencing the events of January 6, 2021, and threats against her and then-Vice President Mike Pence. She emphasized her belief that justices are voting based on personal policy opinions rather than adhering to their constitutional oath.

“I think that some of the decisions they have — see, I respect their point of view. If they have a point of view about a woman’s right to choose, okay, but that’s not what they’re there to do, to advocate for a point of view. Run for Congress,” Pelosi stated. She stressed the importance of the judiciary respecting the Constitution rather than personal opinions.

Pelosi concluded with a call for a return to respect for the three branches of government as envisioned by the Founders, though she admitted her current lack of confidence in the Supreme Court. “I want us to get back to a place where the three branches of government, as our Founders initiated, are respected across the board,” she said.

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