Van Jones: Kamala Harris Presidency Likely If Biden Wins Second Term

Van Jones, a political commentator and former adviser to President Obama, recently addressed the possibility of Vice President Kamala Harris ascending to the presidency if Joe Biden wins re-election. Speaking on “CNN NewsNight,” Jones acknowledged the concerns about Biden’s age and health, which have been amplified by recent debate performances.

Host Abby Phillip noted that the idea of Harris being the real candidate on the ballot has been framed as a conservative talking point. “This has been something that they have described as a conservative talking point, a hit job, that she’s really the one on the ballot. But it seems like, at this very moment, that is true,” Phillip said.

Jones concurred, pointing out the stark difference between Biden’s performance during the debate and his more energetic appearance at a subsequent rally. “Joe Biden did a great job today, and that was a relief for a lot of people,” Jones stated. “But it’s hard to unsee yesterday. And it’s hard to imagine the guy you saw yesterday making it four-and-a-half more years. And so, you do have to acknowledge, there is a high likelihood that a Joe Biden victory ultimately means Kamala Harris will be president.”

Jones’s remarks highlight the need for voters to consider the potential transition of power. “People need to make the decision, do you feel comfortable? Do you feel good about that?” he asked, encouraging a thoughtful consideration of the future leadership of the country.

The concerns about Biden’s ability to serve a full second term are underscored by his age; he would be 82 at the start of a potential second term. This has brought Vice President Harris’s readiness into the spotlight, raising questions about her capability to assume the presidency if necessary. As the election approaches, this issue is poised to become a significant topic of discussion among voters and political analysts.

With the ongoing debate about Biden’s fitness for office, the possibility of Harris stepping into the presidency is likely to remain a critical consideration for the electorate. This conversation underscores the importance of evaluating both the current president and his vice president as integral parts of the upcoming election.

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