White House Reportedly Funds Soros-Backed Group’s Hungarian Election Interference

Far-left billionaire George Soros has had his hand in leftist American politics for generations, most notably in recent years through his support of so-called “progressive” prosecutors who have been broadly blamed for contributing to the ongoing crime wave in many Democratic-led jurisdictions.

Soros’ influence extends far beyond the United States, though, and is particularly strong in his native country Hungary.

According to one recent report, he has secured an investment from the Biden administration to continue his assault on a burgeoning freedom movement in the country.

With European Parliament elections and local elections in Hungary set for June, critics of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban are ramping up their efforts to derail his agenda.

Two political analysts based in that country revealed the role that Soros — aided by more than $320,000 from the U.S. State Department — is planning to play in shaping public perception ahead of the elections. 

In a social media post last month, Andras Laszlo asserted that left-wing non-governmental organizations would be using the funds to support 15 separate media outlets.

“US taxpayers are funding anti government media in Hungary, a NATO ally,” wrote Rod Dreher in his own post about the effort.

Further evidence uncovered by American media outlets showed that the State Department approved a contract with the Okotars Foundation, which is funded by Soros, and Mertek Media Monitor, a media watchdog group based in Budapest, to distribute the federal grants.

The two organizations were reportedly entrusted by the U.S. government to determine which Hungarian media outlets would benefit from the American largesse. 

Furthermore, the Okotars Foundation confirmed that this investment is just the “first round” of such State Department funding for news outlets in Hungary.

Mertek Media also confirmed where the funding originated in an update on its own website announcing that the two organizations would be entering into an agreement “using the resources of the United States Embassy in Budapest to support Hungarian national and local independent media.”

As Tom Olohan, who wrote the exclusive report for Newsbusters, concluded: “Foreigners are deciding what foreign entities will get American tax dollars. Under President Joe Biden, we have farmed out our foreign policy to foreigners.”

The Biden administration previously gave the Soros-backed group Taller Salud a $2 million grant aimed at lecturing young men in Puerto Rico about “structural racism and toxic masculinities.”

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