Whistleblowers Seek Probe Of Prosecutor’s ‘Misleading’ Filing

IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler requested an Inspector General probe Monday. They accused Special Counsel David Weiss of intentionally misleading the public regarding an investigation related to their disclosures about the Hunter Biden tax case.

In a court filing, Weiss suggested the whistleblowers’ own “conduct” faced potential investigation. But their attorneys say that twisted facts – the real probe examined Shapley and Ziegler’s allegations of retaliation by Weiss and the IRS for being whistleblowers.

The legal team asked the Inspector General to review whether Weiss engaged in “sanctionable misconduct” by falsely implying the whistleblowers faced scrutiny. They claimed this aimed to create a “false narrative” as further reprisal for exposing Weiss’ handling of the Biden investigation.

Shapley and Ziegler’s protected disclosures prompted the tax charges Weiss is now prosecuting against the president’s son. The whistleblowers previously testified about alleged prosecutorial misconduct by Weiss in the case.



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