State Leaders Blast Bank Of America For De-Banking Conservatives

Financial officers from 13 states sent a scathing letter to Bank of America (BOA) criticizing its alleged practice of ‘de-banking’ conservatives. The 15 officials who signed the missive cited numerous examples of financial services being stripped for no apparent reason.

In the April 18 letter to BOA CEO Brian Moynihan, the group declared: “We write to express our concerns over Bank of America’s troubling track record of politicized de-banking. Bank of America’s de-banking policies and practices threaten the company’s financial health.” 

The letter warned the Wall Street giant of potentially harming its reputation with customers, the economy and civil liberties. 

The state officials noted specific instances of “discriminating against religious ministries.” They included Indigenous Advance Ministries, the Timothy Two Project and Christian author and speaker Lance Wallnau.

BOA in April 2023 severed its financial relationship with Indigenous Advance Ministries. The organization works in Uganda with at-risk children and prisoners.

The bank further closed accounts belonging to a Memphis congregation that supports the charity. This obviously led to questions from the group as to why they were singled out for cancellation.

According to the letter, the bank finally responded months later by claiming the accounts were closed because of “debt collection” activities. But the state officials confirmed that neither the ministerial organization nor the church collected debts.

Further, BOA did not produce documentation of any policy against engaging with businesses that conduct such activities. 

One particularly outspoken critic and signatory of the letter was Indiana’s Todd Rokita. He lashed out at the “pattern” of discrimination that is sweeping corporate America and targeting conservative individuals and organizations.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday, Rokita declared, “It’s this idea that their own political views, they’re going to foist on the rest of us, or they’re simply cowards and can’t stand up to the socialist pressure that’s being put on them.”

He further noted that simply picking and choosing who you will provide essential services to is rooted in discrimination.

It is vitally important that conservatives rally around this effort to halt the oppression of traditional Americans. Wall Street already has too much control, and allowing leftists to dictate who receives financial services is simply giving to their twisted ideologies.

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