RFK Jr. ‘Considering’ Aaron Rodgers, Jesse Ventura As Running Mates

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running for president as an independent after dropping out of the Democrat primary amid interference from the party, is reportedly considering two prominent figures as picks for his running mate — NFL star quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.

Several reports emerged on Tuesday that a representative of Kennedy had confirmed that Rogers and Ventura were on his shortlist of vice-presidential candidates. “He’s considering Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura as running mates along with others on a short list,” a spokesperson for the Kennedy campaign revealed. “No other details are available.”

Ventura — a retired professional wrestler, former TV host and the only Reform Party candidate to ever win a major government office — has previously declared himself to be “an independent,” adding: “I’m not a Democrat or a Republican because I know they’re not the solution.”

Meanwhile, Rogers has openly endorsed Kennedy after the pair became friends over their opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine mandates in general.

The New York Jets quarterback has been showing a lot of interest in Kennedy on X, formerly known as Twitter, with one user pointing out that “Of the last 50 of Aaron Rodgers’ most recently liked posts, 31 have been RFK Jr. related.”

In a recent interview, Kennedy declared that he plans to announce his running mate within the next month.

Meanwhile, Democrats are condemning Kennedy for the names allegedly included on his shortlist — with the Democratic National Committee smearing Kennedy and his picks as conspiracy theorists.

“The Three Stooges reunion was something no one was asking for. It’s no surprise this is the shortlist considering the conspiracy theorist is doing the choosing,” Democratic National Committee senior adviser Mary Beth Cahill claimed in a statement.

Kennedy dropped out of the Democrat primary last year after facing a refusal by the DNC to consider any opposition to President Joe Biden. In an April 2023 interview on Newsmax, Kennedy slammed the Democrat Party for refusing to even consider holding debates.

“I think that’s a bad thing for democracy,” Kennedy said at the time. “I think … right now, there’s so many people who think that the system is rigged against them — the economic system and the political system. And they’ve lost faith in American democracy.”

It is clear that Kennedy is not a candidate that fits in with the far-left trajectory of the current Democrat Party, as he has previously explained that the party has changed — pointing out that Democrats used to be anti-war and had a healthy amount of distrust for government and pharmaceutical companies, but not anymore.

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