Proposed California Law Would Require Insurers To Collect Data On Gun Ownership

A New Bill in the California Assembly would require insurance companies to ask applicants how many firearms they possess and report that information back to the state government. 

AB-3067 was introduced on Friday by Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D) and would update a section of the Insurance Code to require insurers to “update the contents of their applications for homeowners’ or renters’ insurance to include the questions regarding the presence, storage, and number of firearms by January 1, 2026.”

After updating their applications, the insurer needs to “annually report the information gathered from the questions regarding the presence, storage, and number of firearms to the Department of Insurance and the Legislature beginning on January 1, 2027.”

The renter or homeowner would need to share “whether there are firearms kept in the household,” “whether the firearm, if any, is stored in a locked container,” and “the number of firearms kept in a vehicle” if it’s located on the property. 

The bill has immediately caught the attention of conservatives who are calling out the misplaced priorities of the California legislature.

Popular right-wing personality Charlie Kirk wrote on Twitter: “California couldn’t care less about retail theft, child mutilation, infanticide, or illegals breaking into America, but it feels entitled to harass law-abiding gun owners. Will California use this database to punish gun owners?” 

“Does California have a 2A infringement obsession?” asked another user. 

While the bill has only just been introduced and is nowhere near becoming enshrined in law, it certainly raises concerns for gun-owning California residents.

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