O’Keefe Exposes Facility Transporting Illegal Immigrants To Phoenix Airport

Under President Joe Biden, illegal immigrants are pouring across the U.S., given the president’s refusal to secure the southern border. Just recently, O’Keefe Media Group CEO and investigative journalist James O’Keefe exposed what he called a “secretive Migrant Refugee Facility” in Phoenix, Arizona, that is transporting unlawful migrants to the city’s airport. 

The corruption of the alleged migrant transportation facility runs deep, as seen in a video posted by O’Keefe, which showed one of the officials offering to bribe him with money to not report on the facility’s activities. 

The alleged facility worker, Jesus Moreno, demanded that O’Keefe leave the facility, even though the investigative journalist was standing on a public sidewalk. 

When asked to provide his name, Moreno responded, “None-ya” (none of your business). He then accused O’Keefe of mistreating him. 

While behind the facility’s fence, Moreno asked O’Keefe, “How much do you guys get paid? I’ll pay you guys.” 

A woman later approached Moreno and told him in Spanish not to expose the facility’s workings to O’Keefe. 

O’Keefe eventually came across a man who works with the International Relief Committee (IRC), a nonprofit organization that helps individuals impacted by a humanitarian crisis. The investigative journalist asked the IRC worker if the Phoenix facility was sending illegal immigrants to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. 

“So, is this a shelter, are they busing migrants to the airport?” O’Keefe asked the IRC worker. 

“I can’t comment, but if you want to talk to, if you get somebody who works here, they can probably comment,” the man replied.

As seen in his video, O’Keefe later spoke with a Venezuelan illegal immigrant, who expressed his intentions to vote for Biden in 2024 over former President Donald Trump.

The unlawful migrant said he would vote for Biden because the president offered him the opportunity to bring his family from communist-governed Venezuela to the U.S. He accused Trump of not liking “Hispanic” people, even though the former president did more for the Hispanic community than Biden during his presidential tenure. 

Under Trump, Hispanic unemployment reached an all-time low while the economy was thriving, unlike today. 

Illegal immigration has surged under Biden. In December 2023, illegal border crossings reached a new record, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reporting over 276,000 encounters with unlawful migrants at the southern border.

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