NY Democrats Kill ‘Laken’s Law’ To Preserve Illegal Migrant Protections

New York Democrats effectively shuttered a GOP-proposed bill Tuesday that sought to overturn migrant sanctuary policies that led to the death of Laken Riley. The “Laken’s Law” measure would have required authorities to share fingerprints and arrest records with immigration officials whenever detaining non-citizens.

The bill aimed to prevent tragedies like the murder of University of Georgia student Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant previously arrested in New York City.

Democrats, who have championed the policies that are creating unsafe and economically uncertain conditions for their constituents in favor of a new population of voters, stopped the seemingly common-sense legislation, using a procedural move to table the bill in committee with little chance of future consideration this session.

Republicans accused Democrats of prioritizing “sanctuary” rules over public safety, an assertion to which a reasonable response has not been offered. Assembly codes chair Jeffrey Dinowitz (D) defended longstanding policies “protecting those … coming to this country for a better life” from overzealous immigration enforcement, even for accused offenders facing deportation.

The preference for illegal immigrants who supposedly won’t be voting in U.S. elections over the clear will of the majority of Democrats’ constituents indicates that there may indeed be more at play here than voters realize.


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