Migrant Posing As Minor Admits To Florida Murder

A plea deal followed the murder of a Florida father killed by an illegal immigrant claiming to be a minor and taken in by the family. The murder may have been a result of a White House policy bringing in underage illegal immigrants. 

The migrant claimed to be 17 at the border and allowed into the country. Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, originally from Honduras, pleaded guilty to murdering the father of the family, Francisco Javier Cuellar, 46. 

Medina Ulloa was 24 when he convinced American border security that he was just 17. Due to a provision in federal policy, unaccompanied minors are allowed to enter the country. 

The admitted murderer was taken in by Cuellar and his family, including his four kids. Cuellar gave him a job and according to Medina Ulloa’s own testimony to his mother treated him “like a son.” 


This did not stop Medina Ulloa from murdering the father of four with a chair and stabbing him, all caught on tape. Medina Ulloa admitted to the crime in a phone call to his mother, and now to law enforcement. 


According to Cuellar’s daughter, the illegal immigrant may have entered into the country as part of a Biden White House effort to bring underage migrants into the United States.

The daughter of the deceased is likely referencing the controversial Biden-era plan to fly underage migrants to different locations across the country for resettlement.

The flights began in Texas and landed in various locations in the country. One report showed two planes landing north of New York City where the illegal immigrant children were transported to facilities or sponsoring families. 

The nighttime flights were caught on camera by the New York Post and included information about the program’s effects and expansion. The flights were further expanded into the greater New York area last year.

The unfortunate news comes on the heels of the Biden administration’s efforts to legalize a number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. Recent loopholes regarding asylum could allow tens of thousands of migrants to enter the United States.

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