Koch Network Turns From Haley After SC Loss

Politico reported on Sunday that Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action), a group backed by the influential Koch brothers, has ceased its financial support for Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign. This decision follows Haley’s crushing loss to President Donald Trump in her home state primary contest Saturday in South Carolina.

AFP Action’s senior adviser, Emily Seidel, cited the improbability of “any external group significantly broadening Haley’s path to victory.” Even though AFP is moving on from Haley, Seidel added, “She has made it clear that she will continue to fight and we wholeheartedly support her in this effort.”

The decision underscores a broader realignment within conservative circles, highlighting the enduring influence and popularity of President Trump within the GOP.

The Haley campaign issued a statement Sunday afternoon: “AFP is a great organization and ally in the fight for freedom and conservative government. We thank them for their tremendous help in this race.” The statement also claimed the Haley campaign still has “plenty of fuel to keep going,” citing “more than $1 million coming in from grassroots conservatives in just the last 24 hours.” 

The 45th president continues to command substantial support within the party, as evidenced by his comprehensive victories in early primary and caucus states. Trump’s unyielding base, coupled with his recent triumph in South Carolina, has left little room for Haley to claim she remains a serious contender.

While AFP Action maintains its criticism of President Trump and what it claims is a potentially adverse impact on the GOP’s broader electoral prospects, their reallocation of resources speaks volumes about the perceived viability of Haley’s campaign.

The decision by AFP Action to concentrate on congressional races suggests a recalibration of conservative priorities heading into the 2024 elections. Historically influential in shaping conservative politics, the Koch-backed group will now redirect its considerable resources toward other congressional contests. With significant Senate and House battles now heating up, the Koch network is aligning its vast resources with what it sees as more winnable fights.

As massive donors like AFP Action reassess their strategies and reallocate their resources, the message is clear — the path to Republican success remains intricately linked with the Trump brand.

  • DG
    February 26, 2024
    Doug Greenville

    Drop out already

  • JJ
    February 26, 2024
    Jimmy J Pearson

    Haley should have never been in the races.

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