Jeff Bezos Flees High-Taxing Seattle For Florida


The left’s disastrous economic policies have led many to flee Democratic-controlled states and opt for tax-friendly, Republican states. 

The latest individual to join an exodus of Americans who have left heavy-taxing states such as California and New York is Jeff Bezos, an e-commerce giant and one of the wealthiest individuals in the whole world. 

Bezos is now moving from leftist-controlled Seattle to Florida. The e-commerce titan says he made the decision to move to be closer to his aging parents, but someone of Bezos’ capacity doesn’t need to move to be closer to his parents. 

Truth be told, someone like Bezos can easily hop on his private jet and take a trip to the Sunshine State whenever he feels like doing so. 

The real reason Bezos is moving down south is because Seattle’s taxes pushed him away, as reported by the Daily Caller’s Suzanne Downing. 

Seattle isn’t the only state that may see its residents leave in record numbers. In California, millions of individuals have left the Democrat-ruled state for Republican states such as Texas, Florida and Tennessee. 

Many are scratching their heads at Bezos’ decision to leave the Emerald City, which has the sixth-highest wages of any major city in the U.S. His decision could be summed up in two words: terrible policies. 

Seattle’s current tax rate is 9.6%, making it one of the highest-taxed cities across America, according to the Seattle Times. In contrast, Florida has no income taxes and has an average state sales tax of 6%. 

Meanwhile, as Seattle residents yearn to have more money in their pockets, politicians in the Emerald City are spreading the leftist talking point to “tax the rich.” 

Seattle Council member Kshama Sawant recently advocated for rent strikes and wrote that “in addition to rent control, we also need to tax the rich, and bug businesses like Amazon to fund a massive expansion of social housing (publicly-owned permanently-affordable homes) and to fully fund homeless services.” 

Given the fact that Bezos is, indeed, rich, it’s obvious that someone like him would want to leave Seattle for a much more economic option in Florida. 

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