Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Claim Special Counsel Acting On ‘Russian Intelligence’

Attorneys for Hunter Biden have taken their defense of the president’s son to a whole new level — this time accusing special counsel David Weiss of doing the bidding of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Blaming Russia has become a common talking point of Democrats in recent years, even for President Joe Biden — with the left accusing nearly every prominent Republican of being a Russian stooge. Now, his son’s lawyers have gone so far as to accuse the special counsel that was appointed by Biden’s right-hand man, Attorney General Merrick Garland, of acting in Russia’s best interest.

The ludicrous claim came in a Monday filing from attorneys Abbe Lowell and Bartholomew Dalton, where they bizarrely tried to claim that the decisions to charge Hunter Biden with tax and gun-related charges are somehow advancing Russian interests.

“The Special Counsel has done exactly what the Russian intelligence operation desired by initiating prosecutions against Mr. Biden,” the attorneys wrote in a six-page filing.

This document was supplemental to Lowell’s motion demanding the case against Hunter Biden be thrown out in light of the Biden administration’s indictment of the FBI informant who blew the whistle on the Biden family’s influence peddling, which many have argued was a clear case of witness tampering.

FBI informant Alexander Smirnov was the whistleblower who came forward to allege that both Hunter and Joe Biden were paid $5 million each from the owner of Ukrainian energy company Bursima Holdings, Mykola Zlochevsky, in exchange for pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin.

Shokin, who was investigating Burisma, was the infamous prosecutor that Joe Biden bragged about pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire by threatening to withhold U.S. loan guarantees.

In the filing, Lowell and Dalton expressed outrage about the allegations — claiming that Weiss’ team had only “reopened” its review of Smirnov’s allegations last year in response to concerns from “extremist Republicans and right-wing press outlets.”

The attorneys went on to cite Smirnov’s supposed ties to Russian intelligence, pointing to the FBI informant’s indictment — where prosecutors claimed that Smirnov had told a false story from Russian intelligence that the Premier Palace hotel in Kyiv had audio recordings of damaging statements from Hunter Biden.

“The Special Counsel tells us Russian intelligence sought to influence the U.S. presidential election by using allegations against Hunter Biden to hurt President Biden’s reelection,” Lowell and Dalton argued.

Thus, the tax and gun-related charges against Hunter Biden — which are provably true based on a mountain of evidence, including Hunter’s own statements — are being pursued because of Russia, the attorneys claim, arguing that Weiss’ team was either “knowingly or blind to the fact that they were carrying out the plan of Russian intelligence.”

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