Haley Campaign Bankrolled By 5,200 Biden Donors

More than 5,200 donors to President Joe Biden have been found to also be bankrolling former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s (R) failing presidential campaign.

Haley has lost every single primary race thus far, including losing to “none of these candidates” in Nevada’s primary by almost 30%. The primary was held despite the Nevada GOP holding a separate caucus, with the party declaring that no candidate who takes part in the primary will be allowed to take part in the caucuses and noting that all delegates for the state will be awarded based on the caucus results. Former president and current GOP primary frontrunner Donald Trump put his name on the caucus ballot, while Haley bizarrely chose to compete in a race that did not matter — where she still lost by an embarrassing margin.

According to a report from The National Pulse, more than 5,2000 former donors to Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign have also donated to Haley. These include 1,600 people who donated more than $500,000 to Haley in January alone, which was her largest month for donations despite losing to Trump by massive margins that month in Iowa and New Hampshire.

This isn’t the first revelation that Haley is being backed by Democrats, as the establishment candidate received hundreds of thousands of dollars from LinkedIn billionaire and Epstein island visitor Reid Hoffman — who also funded the Russia Hoax’s Fusion GPS and the outlandishly fake civil case against Trump from E. Jean Carroll.

Hoffman admitted in a statement in December that he had no intention of supporting Haley in the general election, as he is a Biden supporter.

“While I am a staunch supporter of Biden and hope he will win a second term, I also provided financial support to Nikki Haley’s super PAC [because] my first priority is to defeat Trump, and the [Republican] primary is the first of two chances to do so,” he explained in December.

Hoffman later stopped donating to Haley after she lost to Trump in New Hampshire, as it was clear that she had no chance of beating the former president in the primary race.

In each of the races held thus far, Haley has courted Democrat voters and the minority group of “Never Trump” Republicans. Interviews with voters in New Hampshire proved that the Democrats who voted for Haley were actually Biden supporters and had no plans of supporting Haley in the general election if she miraculously won the primary, instead explaining to reporters that they voted for Haley to subvert Trump.

In fact, it was confirmed by CNN that a shocking 70% of Haley voters in New Hampshire were not Republicans.

It is unclear whether these 5,200 Democrat donors are continuing to support Haley after her devastating losses. However, although it is extremely likely that their intentions are only to subvert Trump, Haley’s left-leaning positions also may play a role in their decision to support her.

As Tucker Carlson noted in an interview with former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, establishment elites may see Haley as their only path to furthering their goals in the event that Biden has lost his advantage in the 2024 presidential race.

“If you’re a Democratic mega-donor, this is a very tough moment for you. Your candidate is going to lose,” Carlson said, referring to Biden’s poor polling performance in recent months.

“So what do you do? Well, if you’re smart, maybe you subvert the other party. Maybe you back a Republican candidate who’s actually a Democrat, whose priorities are identical to yours. And of course, they found one: Her name is Nikki Haley,” Carlson added, citing her support for “endless neocon wars.”




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