GOP Lawmakers Demand Federal Reimbursement For Border Enforcement

Several major Republican lawmakers are calling on the federal government to cover the cost of increased border enforcement due to a number of issues they allege were caused by the Biden White House.

According to conservative officials, the Biden administration’s actions caused a sharp increase in the number of migrants crossing the border. In addition, states on the border incurred significant costs having to handle the increased number of migrants.

The solution is to reimburse these increased expenses. In particular, Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) introduced the Lone Star Reimbursement Act, which would compensate Texas $4.4 billion from the military and Homeland Security budgets to meet the cost of the recent border surge.

Several Republican members of the House have already signaled support for the bill.

According to the conservative member of Congress, Texas’ Operation Lone Star apprehended almost 350,000 illegal immigrants and “more than 22,000 felony charges reported.”

The state-level operation came after what Rep. Fallon called “a lack of action from this administration.”

“Texas shouldn’t be punished for Biden’s mistake,” he added.

A number of states handled the situation differently. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) sent migrants on a number of high-profile one-way trips to various locations: the most notable being wealthy and heavily Democratic Martha’s Vineyard.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also sent illegal immigrants on a number of different journeys out of the Lone Star State. Texas has sent multiple busloads of migrants to New York City

The increased number of illegal immigrants in the city could cost the local government more than $1 billion. Mayor Eric Adams (D) stated that the new arrivals would strain government services.

Many of the stresses faced by Democratic states and cities accepting hundreds of migrants is a smaller-scale version of what is happening closer to the U.S.-Mexico border. The large number of illegal immigrants heading into small towns and cities completely overwhelmed the resources of these communities.

The Biden White House cited the border in a number of recent new items. First was a visit by the president to the border earlier this year. The second is due to the administration’s insistence on a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

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