Florida Spring Breakers Caught Dumping Garbage In Ocean

In an egregious act of criminal behavior, spring breakers attending the annual Boca Bash in Florida have been caught dumping large amounts of trash directly into the ocean. The incident, captured in a detailed and lengthy video, saw drunken partiers on a boat throwing two full bins of garbage directly into the water.

The illegal dumping occurred as approximately 10,000 young people descended on Lake Boca Raton for a day of wild partying and excessive drinking. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has reiterated that disposal of garbage from boats is prohibited in lakes, rivers, bays, sounds, and offshore areas within three miles of the ocean.

Deerfield Beach resident and avid boater Rodrigo Samsing said, “There are a lot of good kids out there, but it doesn’t seem like they’re one of them. It just really infuriates you to see someone trash the ocean like that. You know, nobody else on the boat tried to stop them. Everybody was just celebrating, I mean they already had the trash sitting in the garbage can, they could have just put a bag, grabbed a bag, filled it up and thrown it away.”

Event organizers claimed they felt bad about irresponsible behavior that tarnishes the Boca Bash’s “reputation.” They said the event, which is believed to rake in huge revenues from vacationers, is intended to be a “fun yet safe gathering” for local youth and visitors.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, in conjunction with local police, has launched an investigation into the incident. The commission is authorized to enforce state environmental laws and regulations across the Sunshine State in and upon its navigable waters. Any actions which endanger marine life and ecosystems comes under its direct jurisdiction. Reports indicate that the individuals involved have been identified, though no charges have been announced yet.


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