Embattled NPR CEO: Truth Is A ‘Distraction’

It wasn’t exactly what you would want to hear from a national media organization that is funded with taxpayer dollars. But NPR CEO Ketherine Maher gave a TED Talk in 2021 during which she referred to the truth as a “distraction” that hinders “getting things done.”

This revelation interestingly enough came during her previous tenure as the leader of Wikipedia.

Maher claimed that Wikipedia’s model works “when it comes to the hard things, the places where we are prone to disagreement, say politics and religion.” 

Wikipedia is famous for permitting users to edit information that was previously posted. Through this twisted form of consensus its proponents believe it arrives at the “truth.” 

This truth, according to Maher, is subjective. She told the audience that people engage in conversations that center on what is accurate, but that misses the point.

Maher explained that “the people who write these articles, they’re not focused on the truth, they’re focused on something else, which is the best of what we can know right now.” 

The truth, she added, “might not be the right place to start.” Instead, it becomes a “distraction” from the ultimate goal of achieving “common ground” and “getting things done.”

Meanwhile, the uber-liberal outlet suspended whistleblower journalist Uri Berliner for revealing what he described as NPR’s “absence of viewpoint diversity.” He was given a five-day suspension without pay.

Berliner has since resigned.

His piece in the Free Press noted the network’s radical leftist tilt on such hot-button topics as the Russiagate hoax, the origin of COVID-19 and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Far from providing balanced reporting, the taxpayer-funded outlet skewed its “journalism” far to the left. Berliner said what most already knew and Maher confirmed — the truth is merely an impediment to pushing for social change and controlling the flow of information. 

In last week’s expose, Berliner added that Maher is the wrong person to right the NPR ship. Many of her old social media postings are in the spotlight, including support for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden along with worries over “White privilege.”


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