DOJ Demands Prison Time For Ashley Biden Diary Defendant

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is moving aggressively against Aimee Harris, a 40-year-old woman embroiled in the controversy surrounding the theft and subsequent sale of Ashley Biden’s diary to the conservative media outlet Project Veritas. The government is demanding a prison sentence of four to ten months followed by three years of supervised release for Harris.

Harris, who found the diary in a Florida residence where Ashley Biden once stayed, admitted to her role in selling the private document. Alongside her, Jonathan Kurlander, another individual implicated in this case, awaits his sentencing. Both have pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges related to the interstate transportation of stolen property. This development follows a broader investigation into the matter, highlighting the DOJ’s determination to address what it describes as “scandalous conduct” and “a clear disrespect for the law.”

Meanwhile, Project Veritas, known for its undercover operations and sting investigations, is connected to the controversy. James O’Keefe, the organization’s founder, who the company subsequently ousted, stated that while the outlet paid $40,000 for the diary, it refrained from publishing its contents due to authenticity concerns. Nevertheless, federal agents conducted multiple raids related to the case.

Federal prosecutors confirmed that the FBI raids on O’Keefe’s home and those of others connected with Project Veritas were part of an investigation into the interstate transportation of stolen property. Agents executed a search warrant at O’Keefe’s residence in November 2021, where they seized phones and electronic devices.

O’Keefe and Project Veritas protested the raid at the time as an overreach and a violation of First Amendment rights that protect the freedom of the press to disclose true facts to the public, especially when powerful government interests object. 

The DOJ has told the court that its sentencing recommendation is based on what it says are her “attempts to delay justice.” As support for the claim, prosecutors have said in court papers that the defendant willfully failed to comply with court orders and told the judge things that were “misleading.”

The DOJ claims its pursuit of a prison sentence for Harris only shows the seriousness with which it views the facts set out in the guilty plea. However, its aggressive posture also raises questions about the balance between legitimate law enforcement and political allegiance to the corrupt Biden family.

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