Democrats Wave Ukraine Flags On House Floor After Giving Away Billions

After House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), Democrats and many establishment Republicans voted to give Ukraine’s corrupt government $61 billion in American taxpayer dollars, there was a scene on the House floor that was shockingly offensive to many Americans — Democrat lawmakers waving the Ukraine flag in the chamber.

American patriots on social media were outraged after the video of Democrat lawmakers waving dozens of miniature Ukraine flags on the House floor while cheering “Ukraine!” repeatedly.

While conservatives are known for chanting “USA” at events to signal their love of their country, it appears that Democrats have more love for an infamously corrupt foreign nation.

As independent journalist Savanah Hernandez noted, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the American flag waved by multiple members of Congress on the House floor, yet here they are waving the Ukraine flag. Clear to see where US politician’s interests lie.”

Despite supporting the bill to fund the neverending war between Ukraine and Russia, Johnson did admonish Democrats — stating: “It is in violation of decorum to wave flags on the floor.”

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), a House Freedom Caucus member, also chastised her colleagues, telling them to “put those damn flags away.”

Democrats did not care about the admonishment one bit, as their cheers rang out through the chamber in what appeared to be the “loudest applause” of “this entire Congress,” according to Breitbart News.

The House Democrats’ action led to widespread condemnation on social media, with Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) mockingly referring to the crowd as the “Ukrainian parliament.”

Many were especially angered over Johnson’s betrayal — as he previously vowed to not allow any foreign aid bills to come to the floor without Congress first addressing President Joe Biden’s horrific border crisis. However, Johnson apparently changed his mind, even going so far as to allocate $300 million for Ukraine’s Border Patrol, effectively stabbing Americans in the back.

Conservatives on social media condemned the waving of the Ukraine flag on the House floor, with many calling for every lawmaker who participated in the un-American display to immigrate to Ukraine and fight in the war, as they clearly care more about Ukrainians than Americans.

Many also pointed out that the House had passed additional foreign aid for Israel that day, which included a provision giving $9 billion to Gaza, which will inevitably be taken by the Hamas terrorist group that controls the Gaza government.

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