Comer Successfully Subpoenas Nearly All Hunter Biden’s Bank Records


House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) announced on Friday that the committee had successfully obtained nearly all of Hunter Biden’s bank records via subpoena.

On September 28, Comer issued subpoenas for the personal and business bank records of both Hunter Biden and James Biden as part of his effort to investigate the connection between President Joe Biden and his family’s foreign business deals. With the subpoena process being nearly complete, it is likely that the Oversight Committee’s next step of requesting members of the Biden family to appear for testimony is coming in the near future.

During a podcast interview with Lou Dobbs, Comer announced that the Oversight Committee had “gotten almost all the bank records in.”

“It’s been a long process because, Lou, he [Hunter Biden] has so many bank accounts,” he added.

Comer went on to explain how complicated the process of investigating Hunter Biden’s finances was, noting that the president’s son “would have one shell company with a dozen bank accounts.”

The Oversight Committee chairman, who is also a former bank board member, then accused the Biden family of essentially running a scam.

“They laundered money,” Comer argued.

“Because we got these bank accounts, we’re very close to bringing in the Bidens,” he continued, referring to compelling their testimony. “I would say it’s a matter of days before they get served.”

Comer noted that the remaining bank records that he has not yet received are necessary to have for when he questions the Biden family under oath.

“I think that we’ve just about got enough bank records to where we can bring them in and ask them specific questions with specific hard evidence in the form of bank statements,” he said.

Comer also discussed the latest evidence against Joe Biden uncovered in the investigation — a $40,000 check from his brother, James Biden, and sister-in-law, Sara Biden. The personal check, which was labeled as a “loan repayment,” came from funds laundered from Chinese energy company CEFC, and traveled through several Hunter Biden-linked entities before making its way to James and Sara Biden’s account.

Speaking about this revelation, Comer told Dobbs that this check and a previous $200,000 “loan repayment” check from James Biden to Joe Biden are “direct evidence” that the president “benefited financially” from his family’s foreign business schemes.

Comer then vowed to continue investigating Joe Biden, stating: “We continue — on at least a weekly basis — to come up with more evidence, more checks, more wires.”

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