Carlson: ‘Faithful Christians’ Have Become ‘Enemy’ Of US Government

As the number of professing Christians dwindles nationwide and the U.S. shifts away from the Chrstian values on which it was founded, there is growing concern among many Americans that the faith community is now at odds with the government.

There have been a number of troubling examples from across the country that seem to bolster such fears, and former Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson addressed the topic in depth during the latest episode of his show.

He began with an exploration of the disproportionate impact the pandemic had on houses of worship due to restrictions put in place by local, state and federal authorities.

“Look at how Christian churches were treated during COVID,” he said. “Strip clubs stayed open, weed dispensaries stayed open, liquor stores stayed open, but Christian churches were closed because public health.”

Social issues like abortion have also taken a sharp turn away from the Christian community, Carlson argued, citing the case of pro-life activist Paul Vaugn, who faces more than a decade behind bars for his peaceful protest at an abortion clinic. 

“If you’re interested in who they really hate, we’ll look at what’s happening,” he said. “So, Christian churches across the country have been burning and no one in the government is doing anything about it.”

Taking a direct jab at one political commentator, he added; “So, if you are a faithful Chrsitian, not a fake Christian, David French Christian, but an actual Christian of the kind this country has always had, of the kind this country was created to harbor, actually you are seen as an enemy by the people who run it.”

Carlson’s monologue built up to a discussion about far-left filmmaker Rob Reiner’s latest film, “God and Country,” which seeks to attack the supposed threat posed by “Christian nationalism.”

“They are calling evangelicals, particularly evangelicals who engage in the political process, a threat to democracy,” asserted guest Megan Basham of The Daily Wire. “So they are 32% of the American electorate. The Atlantic quite rightly called them in 2021 America’s most powerful voting bloc. They are essentially the only obstacle that we still have to the left-wing agenda.”

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