Biden’s Ex-Disinformation Czar Forms New Leftist Nonprofit

President Joe Biden’s former Censor-in-Chief is attempting a comeback with another effort to suppress the truth. Nina Jankowicz of horrific “Mary Poppins” video fame founded the new American Sunlight Project and threatens to “expose” lawmakers who spread “disinformation.”

Jankowicz briefly headed the now-extinct Disinformation Governance Board that shocked civil libertarians and died a quick death.

This product of the Department of Homeland Security came under heavy fire from across the political spectrum. Then Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), hardly a right-wing stalwart, called the Biden creation a “terrible idea” that would send dangerous signals to the rest of the world.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) blasted Democrats for not policing the southern border but seeking to control the speech of law-abiding citizens.

Jankowicz’s spotty credentials for winning that honor included peddling the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as a Russian plot. Now she is teamed with former federal officials, leftist pundits and social media leaders.

The declared mission of the new project is to raise “the cost of lies that undermine our democracy.”

Without question, those “lies” will be anything that runs counter to leftist extremism and the current Democratic talking points. Jankowicz and her new cronies will target conservative speech and attempt to stifle the free flow of information and ideas.

The American Sunlight Project claimed to “expose the infrastructure and funding behind disinformation campaigns” that revealed the government’s attempts to censor social media and civil organizations.

One of the first actions of the group was to pen a letter to the House Oversight and Judiciary committees. The leftists blasted Republican leadership for probing the increasing incidences of censorship at the behest of individuals and groups.

The American Sunlight Project is particularly irked by House Republicans subpoenaing and interviewing people who claim to research “disinformation.”

Project spokesperson Eddie Vale revealed the organization has an operating budget of at least $1 million. He said online donations have been steady since its formation was made public. 

The group told the New York Times that it would publish advertisements about what it considers disinformation.

Interestingly, it registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit. This means Jankowicz’s organization may fund ads in support of or against federal office candidates.

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