Biden Considering Bringing Gaza Refugees Into US

As American colleges continue to erupt with pro-Palestinian antisemitic violence, Joe Biden is now reportedly considering the use of the long-standing United States Refugee Admissions Program to resettle Palestinians on U.S. soil. The plan would apply to those with family ties in America and have reached neighboring Egypt.

The reports about Palestinian resettlement have been met with strong opposition from Republican lawmakers. Conservative Republicans argue allowing refugees who could likely be loyal to Hamas would exacerbate the ongoing immigration crisis and pose new national security risks.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) posted on X, formerly Twitter, Tuesday: “Hogwash. President Biden consistently undermines our national security with reckless decisions like this. We have no clue who is coming into our country, whether on our southern border or from war-torn regions run by terrorists.”

Ever since the founding of Israel, every U.S. administration has been hesitant to admit any significant resettlement of Palestinians on American soil. The State Department’s data shows that in all of fiscal year 2023, only 56 Palestinian refugees were accepted into the U.S., although more than 60,000 applied.

Admitting refugees from Gaza, where the Hamas government is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S., would send mixed signals about America’s stance on terrorism and its alliances, particularly with Israel. Pro-Israel advocates are especially concerned, questioning the integrity of casualty reports from Gaza and the implications of resettling individuals from a conflict zone where Hamas holds significant influence.

Despite the controversy, the administration insists that any refugee admitted to the U.S. undergo rigorous eligibility, medical, and security screenings. This careful vetting process ensures that only those genuinely fleeing persecution and not posing a threat to national security are granted refuge.

As the November elections approach, the administration’s handling of this issue could significantly influence voter sentiment, particularly among critical demographics concerned with immigration and national security. The Republican opposition should move rapidly to show the actual debate in terms of security risks and the administration’s inconsistency in its deeply flawed foreign policy.

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