Biden Administration Blasted For DOJ’s New Anti-Second Amendment Center

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has unveiled a new entity created specifically to train state and local officials in violating Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

President Joe Biden’s DOJ has announced the creation of the National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center, which will simply be called “The Center,” according to the Saturday press release. This entity will be tasked with training state and local officials on methods of applying unconstitutional red flag laws to confiscate Americans’ firearms via claims that they are a “threat” to themselves or others.

According to the DOJ, the National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center will “provide training and technical assistance to law enforcement officials, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, clinicians, victim service and social service providers, community organizations, and behavioral health professionals responsible for implementing laws designed to keep guns out of the hands of people who pose a threat to themselves or others.”

In a statement about the effort, the DOJ declared that “ERPO laws, which are modeled off domestic violence protection orders, create a civil process allowing law enforcement, family members (in most states), and medical professionals or other groups (in some states) to petition a court to temporarily prohibit someone at risk of harming themselves or others from purchasing and possessing firearms for the duration of the order.”

ERPO laws, otherwise known as red flag laws, allow the government to seize Americans’ firearms without due process.

As the Firearms Policy Coalition explained in an image posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, the actual application of red flag laws is dangerous and unconstitutional. The group discussed one of many possible situations that could occur thanks to these laws, noting that a malicious individual could report a gun owner for being “a risk to the community” for a simple social media post at the gun range with his son, leading to a secret court procedure granting authorities the right to storm the gun owner’s home and seize his weapons. When law enforcement breaks into the home, the gun owner could be killed trying to defend his family from what he perceives as a home invasion from unknown persons.

It is noted in the DOJ press release that a staggering 21 states have enacted ERPO laws, as well as the District of Columbia.

The National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center was created in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions, the DOJ and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Attorney General Merrick Garland celebrated the news in a statement: “The launch of the National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center will provide our partners across the country with valuable resources to keep firearms out of the hands of individuals who pose a threat to themselves or others. The establishment of the Center is the latest example of the Justice Department’s work to use every tool provided by the landmark Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to protect communities from gun violence.”

Meanwhile, conservatives slammed the Center as yet another infringement on the Second Amendment.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) declared the “Federal Red Flag center” to be “evil,” noting that Congress “did not authorize this.”

“Post-Constitutional America. Unelected bureaucrats now both write and enforce law; by edict. Congress has made itself irrelevant… except to occasionally vote to spend more money we don’t have. Every elected Republican not fighting this is complicit,” wrote Texas state Rep. Brian Harrison (R).

“This won’t apply to Hunter Biden, illegal aliens, or cartel members that Dems fight to arm. This is an attack on due process and ignores existing law that provides a way to adjudicate someone ineligible,” said gun rights activist Dana Loesch.

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