Anti-Israel Protesters Desecrate Monuments To American Revolution

Statues near the White House gates were desecrated during pro-Palestine protests over the weekend with blood-red paint and antisemitic, anti-Israel, anti-American and even anti-Biden slogans.

Photos of the vandalism show that protesters used red paint to mimic bloody handprints on the columns of the gates on the north side of the White House near the West Wing, writing the phrase “Free Palestine” above the handprints.

All of the vandalism had not been cleaned up as of Monday morning, according to ABC News Chief White House correspondent Mary Bruce — who referred to the demonstrations as “passionate protests,” prompting widespread criticism on social media.

The pro-Palestine activists also vandalized the statue of General Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, in Lafayette Park, which was adjacent to the North Lawn of the White House. According to Breitbart News, “Rochambeau led French forces fighting alongside the Continental Army against the British during the siege of York Town in the American Revolution.”

Using blood red paint, the activists wrote “Free Palestine,” “Free Gaza” and “Palestine Will Be Free” on the monument. Below Rochambeau’s name, protesters wrote “F— Joe Biden.”

A smaller statue nearby was almost completely covered with graffiti, according to the outlet — including phrases like “F— Israel,” “F— Biden,” Death to the USA,” Tranny F—gs 4 Palestine” and “Amerikkka = pigs.” The phrase “Kos Om Israel” was also written on the monument, which is Arabic for “Your mother’s c—t, Israel.”

Activists also placed a sticker atop the monument that read, “Community Watch Area” and “Police Not Welcome,” which is from an organization called CrimethInc. The group describes itself on its website as “a rebel alliance,” “a banner for anonymous collective action” and “an international network for aspiring revolutionaries.”

Numerous videos of the protests were shared on social media over the weekend — including one in which activists climb on the gates of the White House, shaking the gates, throwing objects at Secret Service agents and screaming “You stand with genocide.”

Activists also vandalized the Israeli Embassy during the demonstration, writing threats such as “Death to Israel,” “F— Israel,” “Gaza is going to win” and “Glory to our martyrs.”

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