Actor Reacts To Harassment At Faith-Based Story Hour

Documentary filmmaker, TV Host and American actor Kirk Cameron reacted to the harassment he and some of his friends experienced from a librarian recently. Cameron was alongside the popular athlete Riley Gaines and “Duck Dynasty” alum Missy Robertson during his faith-based story hour in Tennessee.

Narrating the event at the Hendersonville public library, Cameron claimed there was an initial agreement between himself and the library director, Allan Morales. Cameron said that the director consented to letting him host his faith-based story hour where his book “As You Grow” would be read. He then said Morales tried to cancel the standing agreement when he heard Cameron would be in the company of Robertson and Gaines.

Before the event, Cameron had earlier reported that over 50 libraries rejected his application to host his new faith-based children’s book. 

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Following Morales’s attempt to breach the agreement, the actor and the director disagreed again. Cameron tried to clarify what had happened, commenting on their loud exchange.

“And then when we were filming some things in the lobby and during the time that the clanging of the books, the stomping, and the music took place. And that’s when I heard him [Morales] say, No, we’re not going to turn off the music, we’ve got stuff to do. And besides, you guys aren’t even supposed to be here,” Cameron told The Daily Wire. 

Cameron added that he told Morales that the venue was a public library and having rented the space, they had every right to be there.

The actor was disappointed with the library staff’s treatment and how the families and audience had to stand in the cold rain being denied entry into the “big beautiful library.” 

He added that he and many others hosts of events like the Faith-Based Story Hour had been targeted. 

According to the Daily Wire report, Cameron said the Liberals know that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. He added that this has motivated him to go on the book tour to reach as “many hearts and minds of children as possible.”

Commenting on the event’s attendance after the scuttle, Cameron said the numbers were overwhelming, with around a thousand parents and kids showing up.


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