Tuberculosis, Measles Break Out in Chicago Migrant Shelters

Diseases that have long been essentially eradicated in the United States like measles and tuberculosis are making a comeback now thanks to President Joe Biden’s open-border policies, which have allowed millions of unvetted illegal aliens to flood into American communities.

The outbreaks have come from several of Chicago’s shelters that are currently housing illegal aliens. Officials in the far-left city have announced an outbreak of tuberculosis (TB) — an infectious bacterial disease that primarily affects the lungs and can lead to severe breathing problems for those affected — at “a few different shelters” throughout Chicago.

In the statement from the Chicago Department of Health (CDPH), officials desperately tried to downplay the threat — refusing to acknowledge the total number of cases and instead vaguely stating that it was a “small number.”

“CDPH is aware of a small number of cases of TB among new arrivals in a few different shelters over the course of the response,” CDPH wrote in its statement, according to Fox News.

The statement did acknowledge that latent TB infections — which are asymptomatic and not transmissible to others — were discovered among 10-20% of illegal aliens from Central and South America. CPDH further insisted that the problem was not major, as TB can be cured with antibiotics and is not too contagious because it requires multiple hours of consistent contact to spread.

The Chicago officials continued to try to downplay the problem, pointing out that the city has a small number of TB cases among residents per year. However, the fact is that these particular TB cases would not exist in Chicago with the potential to infect residents if Biden’s border crisis and Chicago’s sanctuary city policies were not in place.

“TB is not a novel or rarely seen illness in Chicago, as the Chicago Department of Public Health typically expects to see between 100-150 cases of tuberculosis in Chicago residents in an average year,” the CDPH statement continued. “We will continue to offer treatment to individuals as necessary and take the proper precautions to eliminate spread, but we do not consider this a matter presenting a substantial threat to the public.”

The report of TB outbreaks comes soon after Chicago confirmed at least 55 different cases of measles, which were all carried by illegal aliens, the majority of whom were in a single shelter in the Pilsen suburb.

These shocking instances of outbreaks of diseases that were virtually eradicated in the U.S. reflects the serious danger of allowing so many unvetted illegal aliens to cross the southern border from third-world countries.

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