Teens Charged For Alleged Break-In Of Secret Service Vehicle Protecting Naomi Biden

Two teenagers have been arrested and charged in connection to the break-in of a government vehicle that was reportedly being used by Secret Service agents tasked with protecting President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, back in November 2023.

The minor has not been identified, though the other individual involved in the break-in has been identified as 19-year-old Robert Kemp of Washington, D.C. — who was arrested on Feb. 7 and released from custody following the arrest. Kemp has a hearing scheduled for Feb. 29 in the case, where he is being charged with “unauthorized use of a vehicle and theft from auto,” according to an affidavit.

The document added that on February 19, “a second suspect in this case, a juvenile male, was charged by the U.S. Secret Service after he was arrested by DC Metropolitan police department during an unrelated incident” on February 18.

The break-in took place just before midnight on Nov. 12, where according to the affidavit, a Secret Service officer caught one of the suspects with his “legs hanging out of the broken driver side window” of the black Ford Expedition used for members of the First Family. After the officer approached and said “police,” the suspect fled in a red Toyota sedan with Virginia tags, nearly striking the officer in the process. The Secret Service officer discharged his weapon during the incident, though the agency reported that “no one was struck.”

A subsequent investigation found that the red Toyota seen fleeing the scene was recently stolen, though it was later found outside of a home in Northwest D.C., where law enforcement discovered items consistent with the items stolen during the incident, according to the affidavit. The items reportedly stolen included a police vest, night vision goggles, a portable router, first aid equipment, a battery headlamp, and chemical sticks.

Two individuals were identified by the items found in the stolen vehicle, including Kemp’s fingerprints on a McDonald’s receipt and bag. The minor identified as a suspect was reportedly wearing a court-ordered GPS monitoring device, which showed that he had been at the home where the stolen vehicle was discovered on the night of the incident.

Speaking with investigators, Kemp confirmed that his friend had left him in the driver’s seat of the car during the incident, noting that he did not know the vehicle was stolen despite believing that the situation was “shady.” He also admitted that his passenger, “JR” exited the vehicle and broke into a “black truck,” though Kemp explained that he fled the scene when he heard a gunshot.

Meanwhile, it has still not been confirmed who the Secret Service was using the vehicle to protect, though multiple news reports have asserted that the agent who discharged his weapon was assigned to Hunter Biden’s daughter, Naomi Biden.

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