Speculation Grows About Gabbard As VP, Cabinet Official After Meeting With Trump

As rumors continue to swirl about former president and current GOP primary frontrunner Donald Trump’s potential vice-presidential and cabinet picks, it has been revealed that Trump and his top advisors met with former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).

Gabbard, an Army Reserve officer and veteran, has been mentioned by several commentators as a potential running mate for Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign — with many pointing out that the Democrat-turned-independent would provide Trump with insight into many issues, as well as bring a new voter base to the Trump ticket. A female vice president potentially holds sway over suburban women, many of whom dislike Trump for his brashness. An independent candidate, especially one who was previously a Democrat presidential candidate, has the possibility of swaying some independent and moderate Democrat voters.

Meanwhile, many have also argued that Gabbard would be a fantastic choice for a cabinet position in Trump’s second term, possibly in the Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs — as she has expertise in those areas.

It appears that this is Trump’s likely plan, as a Washington Post report has revealed that Trump and his top advisors have been speaking with Gabbard about foreign policy issues and how Trump could manage the Department of Defense in a different way if he retakes the White House in November.

Thus far, it is unclear whether Trump and his team met with Gabbard in person recently, but it has been confirmed that they have been speaking. Trump also met with Gabbard at least once in the past year in person, according to the Washington Post report.

Trump went through several national security and defense advisers in his first term, and has previously stated that one of his biggest mistakes in office was not choosing good leaders in the defense and foreign policy areas. Gabbard previously spoke out against Trump’s cabinet’s “war-hawk” mentality back when she was still a Democrat.

Restructuring the departments will likely be an important issue for Trump in his potential second term, as they have been viewed as “rogue,” “pro-war” and “supporting foreign intervention” by many conservatives — who point to the fact that the Department of Defense actively lied to Trump about troop levels in Syria after the then-president demanded that the U.S. withdraw from the country.

“We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there,” former Syria Envoy Jim Jeffrey said in an interview in 2020, adding that the number of U.S. troops left in northeast Syria was “a lot more than” the number of troops that Trump agreed to leave there.

Trump’s clear anti-intervention, America First policies have led to many speculating that he would be restructuring his cabinet in his second term to avoid actions like this again, and some have argued that Gabbard is an excellent choice to help Trump with this task and help to court voters who agree with these sentiments.

“She appeals to Republicans who are skeptical of intervention overseas, which is now a majority of Republican voters,” Republican strategist Andrew Surabian said.

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