Shocked Leftists Cry Foul As Jon Stewart Roasts Biden

Comedian Jon Stewart wandered too far off the liberal script Monday night when he noted the obvious mental troubles of President Joe Biden. This brought down a torrent of criticism from leftists accustomed to softballs from their mouthpieces.

His diatribe about Biden’s acuity was tempered somewhat by including former President Donald Trump.

But the left was not concerned with his briefly targeting their favorite punching bag. Rather, it was the verbal lashing he gave Democrats for propping up such an incumbent that incensed critics.

Biden’s recent leap into TikTok was not spared. Stewart noted that the president mumbled something about liking cookies just days after a disastrous press conference in which he confused Mexico with Egypt.

When the Democrat attempted to frame the Israeli response to the Hamas terror attack, all he could muster was “over the top.”

And Biden dug a further hole for his reelection ambitions last week when he mixed up current French President Emmanuel Macron and former leader Francois Mitterand.

The latter died nearly 30 years ago.  

The president’s party, of course, is busy circling the wagons around their leader. Stewart showed video of several officials declaring that Biden is at his peak and fully in charge of his faculties and then asked if anyone bothered to film these apparently fleeting moments.

Stewart recently returned to part-time hosting duties on “The Daily Show” in a highly anticipated move. But left-wing viewers did not take kindly to him skewering the Democratic incumbent.

One posted on X, formerly Twitter, “Looks like a large number of people who were over the moon to see the return of Jon Stewart are now totally [angry] at him.”

Another commented, “Jon Stewart complaining that 2024 is “two old guys” again is like me complaining that it’s “two White guys” again. It misses the point and minimizes the stakes.”

Still another amateur critic called Stewart’s observations “the laziest of humor at best.”

If that was the host’s attempts at even-handed commentary, it did not play well with his traditionally liberal audience. They tune in for constant attacks on Trump, and any collateral damage to their own will not be tolerated.

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