Officials Warn Of Measles Outbreak Connected To Migrant Shelters

In addition to threats of violent crime and drug trafficking associated with an open border, critics of President Joe Biden’s lax immigration policies have also expressed concerns about possible outbreaks of disease caused by infected migrants being housed in crowded shelters and transported to communities across the nation.

Although such fears predate the current administration, a recent uptick in reported cases of measles has once again highlighted this public health concern. 

Following reports of an infection at a migrant shelter in Chicago, Illinois, sources revealed that a troubling increase in confirmed or suspected infections across parts of California and Arizona signal that a major outbreak could be imminent. 

After coercing skeptical Americans to receive an experimental vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic, leftist officials are now facing backlash over their silence regarding the diseases introduced by undocumented migrants upon illegally entering the country.

As Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Mark Lamb explained last year: “Border Patrol and local agencies have seen all types of diseases like tuberculosis, scabies, COVID, hepatitis A and B, gonorrhea, syphilis, mumps, chicken pox, dengue fever, etc.”

According to the latest updates available, the outbreak in Chicago has infected at least 10 individuals, including students enrolled in the city’s public school system.

Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez provided a frank assessment of the risk shortly after the first case was confirmed.

“Right now, with this potential exposure to a rapidly spreading virus such as measles, it’s critical to have an isolation plan. People need to be in isolation while they are being tested and will learn more of the assessment while people are sheltering in place, and we will wait for the results of the tests,” he said.

Days later, Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker indicated that city officials are playing catch-up in response to a problem caused by the arrival of unvaccinated migrants.

“Our [Illinois Department of Public Health] is working very closely, assisting … Chicago Public Health Department to address the challenges at the shelters as well as across the city to make sure that we’re providing more and more vaccinations for people who may not have already been vaccinated.”

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