Mayor Adams Models Chinese Communist Party-Linked Red Scarf

Amid mounting concerns about the threat China poses to America on numerous fronts, Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been seen multiple times in recent days with a blood-red scarf bearing the insignia of the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese state media was on hand last month to document the mayor’s receipt of one such scarf ahead of a Lunar New Year celebration and was spotted wearing similar accessories in public on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Red scarves have a symbolic significance for the ruling party in China and have been worn by supporters including Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Chinese nationals allegedly attempting to establish an illegal parallel police agency in Manhattan.

Making the optics worse for Adams was the fact that he was spotted wearing the scarf on Sunday as he stood by adviser Winnie Greco, whose work history includes acting as a consultant to groups affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.

Nevertheless, Adams, who has used his clothing to deliver political messages in the past, attempted to dismiss criticism over his apparent embrace of communist paraphernalia. 

A spokesperson claimed that the mayor was simply invited by City Councilwoman Susan Zhuang to participate in the parade and received the scarf — apparently unaware of its significance — upon his arrival.

“Mayor Adams was proud to march in two Lunar New Year parades this weekend to honor the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who celebrate the holiday,” the source asserted. “During the festivities someone handed Mayor Adams a red scarf and he put it on without looking at any logo on it. He wore that same scarf at the second event as well. That is the beginning and end of this story.”

The logo in question is used by a non-profit organization headquartered in Brooklyn that has long been linked to the CCP. Asian Community Empowerment Inc., or BRACE, reportedly works with other entities in an effort to export Chinese communism to other countries and its leader, John Chan, recently participated in a pro-Xi public demonstration. 

The mayor’s spokesperson insisted that he “is not friends with John Chan and in no way endorses BRACE or any other organization he’s associated with” but simply “joined these events to support New York City’s local Chinese community and Councilmember Zhuang.”

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