Jen Psaki Faces Subpoena For ‘Lying’ In Book About Biden’s Afghanistan Response And ‘Profiting Off Tragedy’

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki could face a subpoena for dodging a congressional probe while allegedly lying in her new book about President Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan exit, according to a top Republican. In a letter obtained by the Daily Mail Republican Michael McCaul demands Biden’s former press secretary sit for questioning following her “deliberate noncompliance” with his investigation.

McCaul who leads the House Foreign Affairs Committee wrote “It is troubling that Ms. Psaki seeks to profit off the Afghanistan tragedy and has felt comfortable writing accounts and making them available to the general public but refuses to make herself available to Congress.”

Psaki’s book has angered family members of the 13 American troops killed during the Kabul suicide bombing attack in Afghanistan. She wrote that reports of President Biden looking at his watch during the dignified transfer ceremony for the slain troops were “misinformation” despite the incident being witnessed by several family members and fact-checked as true.

The Gold Star families expressed their frustration with Psaki in an exclusive statement to saying her claim “reinforces the contempt which Biden Administration officials have shown us in the aftermath of Abbey Gate terrorist attack that took the lives of our children.” They are calling on Psaki’s book publisher Simon & Schuster and her employer MSNBC to hold her accountable for the “dishonest attack on Gold Star families.”

McCaul states that Psaki “played an important role” in the withdrawal as she was charged with communicating to the American people and possesses “key insights into the planning and decision-making” related to the Taliban takeover and evacuation. He proposes three possible dates for Psaki to sit for a transcribed interview warning that the committee is prepared to use all tools at its disposal including a subpoena if she continues to obstruct their critical investigation.

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