Indiana Homeowner Defends Against Multiple Burglaries In Single Day

In a stunning sequence of events early Tuesday morning, Indianapolis resident Alfred Burdine faced the all-to-common crime of home burglary. But for Burdine, the ordeal didn’t end with just one intruder. Upon returning from the police station after an initial confrontation, he encountered a second burglar at his property.

The day’s chaos began when Burdine, preparing for work, noticed a man attempting to steal a generator from his garage on North Forest Avenue. In the quiet of the 4:30 a.m. darkness, Burdine confronted the alleged thief. “When I came around, I could see more of him…he was happy with the generator, walking off,” Burdine told local reporters.

Fearing for his life, as the burglar appeared to reach for a weapon, Burdine, who was armed, took decisive action. “The possibility of him going violent was pretty high…You’re bold enough to break into my garage, you’re bold enough to do anything,” he explained. In response, Burdine shot the man in the leg to immobilize him until police arrived.

But Burdine’s day was far from over. After cooperating with law enforcement at the police station, he returned home only to discover a second individual attempting to steal his property. The police also apprehended this second intruder.

“I don’t know what is going on. I think we just need more patrols because there are a lot of people with drug problems, and there is no treatment for them,” Burdine said.

His call for more patrols echoes a sentiment felt by many in communities stricken by burglary and theft, often driven by underlying social issues. “Since they closed Central State, where do these people have to go?” he added, pointing to the closure of mental health facilities as a contributing factor to the city’s challenges.

One of the alleged burglars, 30-year-old Alfie Steadmon, faces charges of burglary and possession of methamphetamine.

Despite the harrowing incidents, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has reported some positive trends, noting a 20% decrease in non-fatal shootings compared to the same period last year. These statistics indicate progress, yet as the night’s events at Burdine’s property show, significant work still needs to be done.

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