Illegal Aliens Thank Biden After Being Released From Processing Centers

While President Joe Biden’s support among Americans has steadily declined, his support among illegal aliens has continued to rise — as there have been numerous documented instances of illegal aliens directly thanking him for allowing them to flood the country.

In the latest instance, illegal aliens were heard saying “thank you” to Biden when they were released from an overwhelmed San Diego processing center that was operating at 245% capacity.

Nearly 2,000 illegal aliens were released into the U.S. interior from that processing center. Putting that into perspective, these processing facilities are only designed to hold 750 illegal aliens.

Since September, more than 125,000 illegal aliens have been set free in the streets of San Diego because of the overwhelmed processing center’s 72-hour maximum hold time. Processing centers, shelters and taxpayer-funded government resources have all been overwhelmed amid the historic influx of illegal aliens that Biden’s open-border policies have allowed into the country.

“Thank you, America, thank you, American president,” illegal aliens could be heard yelling as U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents dropped them off in the U.S. interior.

This is not the first time that illegal aliens thanked Biden for allowing them to enter the United States. In Lukeville, Arizona, in December 2023, one illegal alien was heard telling Fox News: “I love you Joe Biden, thank you for everything, Joe Biden!”

Independent journalist Laura Loomer, a major supporter of former President Donald Trump, also shared footage of illegal aliens expressing support for Biden while on their journey to the United States.

It is clear why these illegal aliens are praising Biden — his open-border policies have led to a historic number of illegal border crossings, with Biden’s Border Patrol agents being forced to process and release illegal aliens into the country rather than doing their job of protecting American communities from unfettered, unvetted illegal immigration. Biden has essentially incentivized this behavior, and the policies of his allies in blue states and cities have only exacerbated the problem.

Far-left states like California and New York have remained dedicated to their “sanctuary state” policies, along with their insanely expensive incentive systems for illegal aliens — which include free healthcare, cash assistance and free housing. All of these incentives have led to a significant portion of the illegal aliens settling in these blue states, especially California, as it has been one of the main points of entry for illegal aliens — with nearly 81,000 being processed at the San Diego Migrant Welcome Center since October 2023.


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