Hypocrisy: DNC Pays Biden’s Legal Fees 

Federal Election Commission records reveal the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has spent more than $1.5 million in campaign funds to cover Joe Biden’s legal fees. The lawyers’ fees were incurred by Biden during the investigation into his illegal mishandling of classified documents. The DNC’s spending on private attorneys for Joe Biden comes despite its public stance that it does not use grassroots donor money for such purposes.


The records indicate significant payments were made to Bob Bauer PLLC, a firm owned by Biden’s top attorney, Bob Bauer, and to Hemenway & Barnes LLP, where Biden’s attorney Jennifer Miller practices. The investigation, led by special counsel Robert Hur, concluded in February with no charges against Biden. Hur suggested in his report that a trial would likely portray Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” which might sway a jury to rule in his favor.



In contrast, President Donald Trump has faced criticism from Biden’s campaign and the DNC for allegedly using campaign funds to manage his legal expenses amid various indictments and civil cases. The DNC has accused Trump of draining resources, with DNC spokesperson Alex Floyd claiming Trump “actively solicits legal fees from his supporters and has drawn down every bank account he can get his hands on like a personal piggy bank.”


Trump 2024 national spokesperson Karoline Leavitt said, “Joe Biden and the Democrats’ entire campaign against President Trump is based upon lies and hypocrisy — they have repeatedly stated they don’t spend money on Biden’s legal bills while they attack President Trump for having to defend himself from Biden’s witch hunts.”


Further complicating the DNC’s position, Axios reported that these payments were made mainly to Bauer, who is married to senior White House communications adviser Anita Dunn, raising questions about potential conflicts of interest.



Meanwhile, the Trump campaign emphasizes Biden’s supposed duplicity. “Come to find out, the DNC paid millions to cover Biden’s legal bills to a law firm run by the husband of top White House staffer Anita Dunn. Apparently, ‘10% for the big guy’ from Hunter wasn’t enough for Crooked Joe to foot his bill,” Leavitt added.


The DNC spending to cover for the corrupt Biden family could alienate ordinary contributors who thought they were sending in checks to support political campaigns and not high-powered lawyers covering for the Biden family.  



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