Former Agent: FBI Taught Agents Pro-Lifers More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorists

Former FBI agent-turned-whistleblower Steve Friend revealed during a recent interview that the bureau had trained personnel to believe that pro-life activists were more dangerous than Islamic terrorists.

According to Friend, the FBI used material from the radical leftist smear merchants at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to train personnel on countering extremism.

The SPLC is a deeply partisan organization that has been found to have labeled mainstream conservatives like Dr. Ben Carson and the parental rights group Moms For Liberty as extremists while refusing to put the same label on actual violent extremists on the left. The group’s rhetoric against the Family Research Council was so vile that it even prompted a radical leftist to target the Christian group’s headquarters, attempting to carry out a mass shooting.

Meanwhile, an SPLC staff attorney was previously part of a violent domestic terrorism incident during the “Stop Cop City” riots in Atlanta, Georgia.

Despite the far-left group’s clear bias, blatant lies and history of extremism, the Biden administration and its federal agencies have repeatedly relied on the SPLC in its targeting of supposed “hate groups” and “extremism.”

During an interview with the Tennessee Informer, Friend explained how the FBI used the SPLC to push false information on its personnel.

The whistleblower stated that, in 2014, he and his fellow FBI agents had been “shown a video that was produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center” — noting that the film had “ranked people who oppose abortion, pro-life activists, as a greater threat than Islamists.”

“I don’t know if they still show that, but that’s what we were shown,” he added.

Friend was also asked about whether FBI Academy students had pushed back against the bureau’s decision to use a leftist hate group’s material to train agents.

“There was some eye rolling,” the whistleblower said, pointing out that his peers at the time were a group that “leans more conservative, more libertarian.

“It’s probably very different now,” Friend added.

“When you’re at the Academy for the FBI, a lot of people are a little bit older,” he continued. “Now the FBI is actually recruiting young people so they can indoctrinate them further.”

Conservative lawmakers have repeatedly demanded that the FBI stop relying on SPLC material, but the bureau continues to use the material — even citing the SPLC’s work as a basis for targeting traditional Catholics with counterterrorism resources, according to another FBI agent-turned-whistleblower, Kyle Seraphin.

“The FBI should not lend credibility to an organization that labels traditional values as ‘hate,’” Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and James Lankford (R-OK) wrote in a letter last fall, adding “any use of SPLC data by the FBI” is “inappropriate and should be stopped immediately.”

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