Florida Train Transporting 30,000 Gallons Of Propane Derails 

A train carrying at least 30, 00 gallons of propane derailed in Florida on Tuesday after falling off the tracks, according to the New York Post. The Seminole Gulf railway train was in motion when it suddenly fell off the tracks near a camp at the Sarasota-Manatee County border.

The Post reported that five other train cars carrying sheetrock also derailed along with the one carrying propane. Fortunately, no injuries were reported at the accident scene.

Florida train carrying 30,000 gallons of liquid propane derails l GMA

Southern Manatee Fire Rescue Chief Robert Bounds, who was one of the first responders, described the scene of the derailment as a minefield.

The rescue chief also said that the 30,000 gallons of propane stayed intact and no leakage was discovered. Bounds added that the crash posed no “real emergency,” but his department was standing by in case the need for one arose.

Right now, the tanks are all sealed. They’re not leaking. There’s no evidence of any damage to them that would cause a leak, so we’re just monitoring the situation,” Bounds said in his statement

Bounds revealed that there was a hazmat team and drones with thermal capabilities present at the scene. 

“We were able to look at the tank and ascertain the levels of the tank from the outside, it’ll show up different colors if anything is actually leaking. There are no leaks. There is no actual physical damage to the tank other than the rollover, but there is no significant damage to it,” Bounds added.

The situation was remedied by emergency responders who siphoned the 30,000 gallons from the tanker to enable them to move the derailed train car.

Investigations are still ongoing to ascertain the cause of the train derailment. 


The Florida train derailment comes at a time when the residents of East Palestine, Ohio, are still recovering from a similar incident. Last month, 38 train cars carrying toxic materials derailed in East Palestine near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. The Ohio train derailment led to the contamination of air and sea life, making the environment inhabitable for the residents.

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