Feds Warn Of Potential Threats In US Similar To Moscow Terrorist Attack

After the recent terrorist attack in Moscow, which ISIS claimed responsibility for, U.S. intelligence officials are now warning of similar attacks in the United States.

Thanks to President Joe Biden’s wide-open southern border, terrorists are entering the United States. Five months into fiscal year 2024, at least 69 people on the terror watch list have been apprehended at the southern border — which is almost three times as much as the total number of people on the watch list that were apprehended in fiscal years 2017- 2021 combined. With that many terrorists apprehended, it is likely that many more entered without being caught.

Now, a bulletin released by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is warning that Americans should be extra careful while attending large gatherings due to the potential for terrorist attacks. The bulletin specifically highlights the potential for terrorist attacks targeting popular venues — including sports stadiums, concert halls and places of worship.

One major concern cited by the FBI and DHS was the April 8 solar eclipse, which is expected to draw massive crowds to many different outdoor locations to view the event.

The bulletin warned that ISIS — which was virtually eliminated by former President Donald Trump but has made a resurgence under Biden — has encouraged its followers to carry out attacks in Western countries similar to the one in Moscow, where at least 144 people were murdered and more than 550 were injured at a concert venue. ISIS has celebrated the mass casualties.

U.S. intelligence officials are especially concerned that ISIS operatives or “lone wolves” may be able to carry out a similar attack in America.

American lawmakers and officials have repeatedly expressed their concerns about potential terrorist attacks in recent weeks, with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) stating that he is “deeply worried that ISIS from Afghanistan will end up targeting Americans sooner rather than later.”

“We have millions of Americans who live or who travel abroad throughout Europe and Asia, embassies, businesses there, so I’m deeply worried that ISIS from Afghanistan will end up targeting Americans sooner rather than later,” Cotton added.

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