FBI Whistleblower Blasts GOP’s Justification Of Massive Spending Bill

Establishment “Republicans” in Congress are facing intense backlash after voting in favor of a $1.2 trillion spending package without reading the bill.

The bloated and irresponsible spending legislation filled with Democrat wish list items has passed with the help of hundreds of supposed Republicans, passing in the House by a vote of 286-134 and in the Senate with a vote of 74-24.

Many of the Republicans who voted for the 1,000-page bill, which they received on Thursday and voted for on Friday without reading, have claimed that it was their only alternative.

FBI whistleblower Steve Friend dismissed those lies in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, declaring that the Republicans who voted in favor of the bill are guilty of “Transparent cowardice.”

His comments came in response to a video posted by Rep. Max Miller (R-OH), who desperately tried to justify his vote for the spending package.

Miller claimed, “I voted to pass today’s funding package. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than the alternative: 6 more months of Biden-Pelosi-Schumer spending.”

However, Friend pointed out that Republicans had an alternative — rather than giving Democrats everything they wanted, they could have allowed the government shutdown to happen and pushed Congress to craft spending legislation that didn’t stab Americans in the back.

“The ‘alternative’ was stopping the border invasion and defunding the weaponized @FBI. That’s why the GOP was given a House majority,” Friend posted. “But too many GOP congressman [sic] believe federal abuse of Americans is PREFERABLE to a temporary, partial government shutdown. Transparent cowardice.”

The bill gave Democrats nearly everything they wanted — funding for abortion, the politicized and weaponized FBI and even for LGBT groups that push gender ideology on children.

The legislation also did nothing to address the massive influx of illegal aliens into the United States. Of course, the vast majority of Democrats supported the bill, but it is unconscionable that it even received a single Republican vote.

As Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) noted in a post on X, Congress didn’t just pass the bill to avert a government shutdown — they also were desperate to leave for their vacations.

“Far too often, Congress passes spending bills ‘under the influence of jet fumes’—intoxicated by a desire to get out of town. Like so many other things in Congress, this doesn’t serve Americans well. Don’t shop while hungry. Don’t pass huge bills while on your way out of town,” he wrote.


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