DOJ Arrests Former FBI Informant Who Exposed Biden Corruption

President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has arrested and charged a former FBI informant who blew the whistle about the president and his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

Special Counsel David Weiss has charged Alexander Smirnov with violating several laws, including 18 U.S.C. § 1001: false statement and 18 U.S.C. § 1519: creating a false and fictitious record — which the DOJ claims is related to supposedly false information that he provided to his FBI handler about the Biden family.

Authorities arrested Smirnov on Thursday at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas after he arrived back in the U.S. from overseas.

According to claims made by the Biden administration in the indictment, Smirnov’s FBI handler supposedly warned him nearly two dozen times over the course of a decade that any information he was relaying to the FBI must be truthful or else he would be criminally charged. Throughout his career, Smirnov provided his FBI handler with information he knew would be used in various criminal investigations. The indictment also noted that Smirnov was permitted to engage in certain criminal activities in order to assist law enforcement in their investigations.

The DOJ’s indictment accused the former FBI informant of providing “false derogatory information to the FBI” about Biden soon after he announced his 2020 presidential campaign.

The indictment further explained the story that Smirnov provided to his FBI handler: “Three years later, in June 2020, the Defendant reported, for the first time, two meetings in 2015 and/or 2016, during the Obama-Biden Administration, in which he claimed executives associated with Burisma, including Burisma Official 1, admitted to him that they hired [Hunter Biden] to ‘protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems,’ and later that they had specifically paid $5 million each to [then-Vice President Joe Biden] and [Hunter Biden], when [Joe Biden] was still in office, so that ‘[Hunter Biden] will take care of all those issues through his dad,’ referring to a criminal investigation being conducted by the then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General into Burisma and to ‘deal with [the then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General].’”

“[Smirnov] also reported two purported phone calls between himself and Burisma Official 1 wherein Burisma Official 1 stated that he had been forced to pay [Joe Biden] and [Hunter Biden] and that it would take investigators 10 years to find records of illicit payments to [Joe Biden],” the document read.

The indictment went on to claim that Smirnov’s allegations against Biden were “fabrications.”

“In short, [Smirnov] transformed his routine and unextraordinary business contacts with Burisma in 2017 and later into bribery allegations against [Joe Biden], the presumptive nominee of one of the two major political parties for President, after expressing bias against [Joe Biden] and his candidacy,” the indictment continued.

Meanwhile, this indictment appears to be an attempt to cover up the Biden family’s crimes and intimidate a witness, according to many critics of the Biden administration.

The curious timing of the indictment has also been pointed out, as the president has just been let off the hook for a variety of crimes related to illegally retaining classified documents from his time as a senator and vice president, with several of those documents allegedly being related to Ukraine. While Special Counsel Robert Hur acknowledged in his report on Biden’s classified documents scandal that he had “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials,” he argued that the president should not face charges because of his clear cognitive decline. It appears to many that the arrest of Smirnov, like the Hur report, is just another method of protecting Biden’s chances at re-election.

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