Denver Begs Illegal Aliens To Leave, Offers Free Bus Tickets

Officials in Denver, Colorado, have begun begging illegal aliens to leave the city — even going so far as to offer them free transportation to the Canadian border or other American cities.

A leaked video obtained by 9News shows Denver “Newcomer Communications Liaison” Andres Carrera telling a crowd of illegal aliens at one of the deep-blue city’s shelters that the “opportunities are over.”

“You don’t have to walk anywhere, we can buy you a free ticket,” Carrera told the illegal aliens. “You can go to any city. We can take you up to the Canadian border, wherever!”

He then went on to throw other leftist cities under the bus — promising the illegal aliens that they would receive more benefits in New York City and Chicago, which are also currently overwhelmed by illegal immigration and have been begging for the crisis to stop.

“New York gives you more. Chicago gives you more,” he told the group in Spanish. “So, I suggest you go there where there is longer-term shelter. There are also more job opportunities there.” 

“We have received too many migrants and that is why we ran out of resources,” Carrera added. “Look, we are not going to block you if you want to stay here. I am not here to block you.”

He also warned the illegal aliens that they would “suffer even more” if they continue to stay in Denver, claiming that he did not “want to see this” happen.

Carrera then told them that the city would buy them a free ticket to any city of their choosing, or even to the Canadian border.

This leaked video emerged soon after Denver Mayor Mike Johnston (D) announced that the city would be cutting the budgets of several programs in order to find the money to fund the illegal immigration crisis, which is expected to cost the city nearly $180 million. He also went so far as to call on Denver residents to take illegal aliens — who he called “newcomers” — into their own homes.

“I want to thank every resident in the city who has showed up to cook a meal for someone who has arrived, who has welcomed somebody to their home, who has offered them a job, who said, ‘We will help you find your way,’” Johnston said at the time. “You’ve done your part. The city will do its part. The federal government did not do their part.” 

Meanwhile, Denver is still a “sanctuary city” that has received nearly 40,000 illegal aliens in the last year. According to Johnston, this is the highest number of illegal aliens per capita of all U.S. cities.

Conservatives on social media mocked Denver’s latest approach to the crisis, with former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy calling it “a dumb game of hot potato whose sole purpose is progressive virtue-signaling, while cities across America suffer as a result.”

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