Democrats Changing Their Tune On Amateur Mental Diagnoses

Memory loss requires “careful diagnosis,” but narcissism and sociopathy don’t, according to the mainstream media. After relentless attacks on former President Donald Trump’s mental state, the media has had a change of heart, thanks to similar criticism surrounding President Joe Biden.

In the recent report on Biden’s classified documents probe, special counsel Robert Hur’s comments about the President’s mental state, calling him an “elderly man with a poor memory” upon letting him off the hook for the mishandling of classified documents. 

This has sparked outrage among the media, who claim that Biden is in perfect mental condition, in spite of his 81 years.

The public, however, seems to disagree. Democrats and Republicans alike have been seen criticizing the President’s frequent lapses in memory. Videos like the one below circulate social media, some poking lighthearted fun, with others seriously questioning whether Biden is fit for another term as President.

Biden isn’t the only president to have faced scrutiny over his mental state, though. In the election cycle leading up to Trump’s presidency, and throughout his term, Trump was the recipient of constant criticism concerning his mental state.

With claims from sociopathy to narcissistic personality disorder, dozens of politically motivated mental health experts had an opinion on Trump’s ability to lead the country.

Despite the mental health community’s usual warnings against uninformed diagnoses, these claims were accepted as fact by many mainstream news outlets — despite the fact that many of these “experts” had never met the then-president.

Generally, it’s bad practice for a medical professional to diagnose someone who isn’t one of their patients, and for good reason.

Biden and Trump have both received their fair share of criticism regarding their mental states, but Biden is vigorously defended by the news media and White House.

The White House is unhappy about the open criticism of the president, with Vice President Kamala Harris calling Hur’s report excusing Biden from his crimes a “cheap shot.” 

All things considered, age-related mental decline may be easier to spot than complex personality disorders — but both should be assessed in person. Regardless, the Biden White House is uninterested in releasing any cognitive tests or assessments of Biden’s mental state. 

For now, there is nothing but speculation. Just don’t let the Democrats hear you speculating about the wrong person.

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