Crypto Entrepreneur Voorhees Warns About AI Chatbot Privacy Concerns

Prominent crypto-libertarian and founder of ShapeShifT Erik Voorhees recently cautioned users about the potential risks associated with using AI chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

During an interview with crypto news site Unchained, Voorhees expressed concerns about these platforms storing user search histories and potentially sharing the data with third parties, including advertisers, hackers and even governments.


Voorhees argued that when users send their questions to these AI companies, the queries are stored forever and attached to their identities. He warned that this information, which includes users’ intellectual inquiries, thoughts and debates, could be used by various entities in ways that people might consider corrupt and dangerous.

While acknowledging that these are slippery slope arguments, Voorhees emphasized that regardless of the privacy policies of these AI companies, user information will likely be shared with other parties, and once shared, it can never be retrieved. He advised users who are comfortable with this arrangement to continue using those services, but offered an alternative solution through his latest venture, Venice AI.

Venice AI, according to Voorhees, is a private, uncensorable, open-source competitor to ChatGPT that aims to provide users with the same ease of use while prioritizing privacy and user sovereignty. The platform does not store user information or attach it to their identities, ensuring that users’ intellectual inquiries remain private.

As the AI landscape continues to evolve, Voorhees’ warnings about privacy concerns in chatbot platforms become more and more relevant, as does the importance of carefully considering the potential risks associated with sharing data and exploring alternative solutions that prioritize user privacy and security.

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