CDC Warns Of Potential Bird Flu Jump To Humans

Our good friends at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are warning about an outbreak of bird flu affecting cattle that currently spans seven states, prompting fears that the outbreak could become a human problem in more than one way.

Health authorities are on alert after CDC warnings to be ready for human cases of bird flu to increase, with warnings issued about the virus potentially spreading from animals to humans. The strain of concern is reportedly H5N1, which the Daily Mail reports has been spreading through over 40 different animals, from foxes to skunks.

At this time, one human case has been confirmed in Texas, bolstering concerns about those in close contact with infected cattle, one of the virus’ carriers. The only symptom being reported is inflammation of the eye and they are otherwise experiencing mild symptoms and being treated with antiviral meditation.

The CDC has advised states to be ready for more farm worker infections, despite the low risk to the general public currently, putting out a statement online that resulted from a recent meeting, explaining, “Although the risk to the public remains low, the agency wants state public health officials to be prepared to respond’.”

Infected cattle have been found in seven different states, prompting calls for health screenings among farm workers in a huge area of space across the United States.

Not only is the virus jumping to humans a scary thought, but there is also the cost of dairy products. There are serious concerns that culling of flocks could lead to price spikes that consumers have been subject to in recent years.

Furthermore, this adds to an ongoing pattern of the degradation of the U.S. food supply, an issue covered by many journalists, including Tucker Carlson, who has done extensive reporting on the troubling topic. From foreign countries purchasing farmland to random fires at food production facilities, it’s an issue that should be monitored.


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