Biden’s FBI Allegedly Making House Calls Over Social Media Posts

President Joe Biden’s FBI has been caught on video making two different house calls to Americans who dared to post memes critical of Biden and his policies.

One video shared to social media shows two men and a woman who identified themselves as FBI agents speaking to a homeowner in Stillwater, Oklahoma, about her Facebook posts.

The woman, who has been identified as 43-year-old Rolla Abdeljawad, is heard on the video demanding to see the agents’ identification. One of the men insisted that he had already shown her his ID, but she responded by pointing out that she had only glanced at it for a second. Abdeljawad requested that the agents allow her to get their ID’s on video, but the agent stated: “I’m not going to show you my credentials on the phone.”

“I didn’t take a look at them. I said one second, I’ll be right back. Are you going to show me your credentials or no?” she said.

“Yeah, we did already and we identified ourselves. So what we’d like to do is just —,” the agent replied before being cut off.

“I didn’t look at your credentials again. I didn’t verify them. I told you to wait and I went inside,” Abdeljawad reiterated.

He still refused to show ID, stating: “What we’d like to do is just have a conversation with you about some social media posts that you’ve made. Would you be willing to talk to us today?”

Abdeljawad refused to speak to them without a lawyer, to which the agents told her to have her lawyer contact the Oklahoma City FBI Office.

The conversation only got more shocking from there, with one of the agents explaining that “Facebook gave us a couple screenshots of your accounts.”

The woman then questioned why she was being harassed for exercising her First Amendment rights.

“So we no longer live in a free country and we can’t say what we want?” she said.

“No, we totally do. That’s why we’re not here to arrest you or anything like that,” the agent replied.

“Well, you can’t arrest me for freedom of speech,” Abdeljawad responded. “We live in America. Correct. Exactly. So it’s kind of weird that you want to come talk to me about me exercising my freedom of speech.”

The agent then made a chilling admission — that the FBI often targets Americans for their lawfully-protected speech.

“We do this every day, all day long. Talk to people. It’s just an effort to keep everybody safe, make sure that nobody has no ill will or intent or anything like that. And we’ve got no reason to believe necessarily that that’s you and that’s why we just wanted to have a conversation,” he said.

Abdeljawad later explained in a Facebook post that she was able to verify through her local police department that the people who showed up to her house were indeed FBI agents, adding that her lawyer believes they were on “a fishing expedition.”

The shocking nature of this video has led many Americans to express concern that Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is being weaponized against critics of the regime, especially as this is just the latest in a long line of politicized actions from the DOJ.

“The FBI have become Biden’s Gestapo. Going around and intimidating law-abiding citizens for simply voicing their opinions,” wrote popular X user Paul Szypula, adding: “This is one of many reasons we need to defund the FBI. They just continue to get worse.”

Another viral video also depicted an FBI agent knocking on a woman’s door, though she was not home at the time, according to the man who answered the door.

She explained that the agent had come to discuss her “pinned tweet” that showed a picture of the man who was convicted of assaulting and killing her sister, noting that he had been let out of prison on probation despite his horrific crime and his extensive rap sheet.

“Rap sheet a mile long. He walks today on PROBATION,” she wrote. “Damion Matthews may you reap what you have sown.”

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