White House Rejects Parkinson’s Treatment Rumors Amid Growing White House Crisis

In a tense exchange with reporters, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied that President Joe Biden is being treated for Parkinson’s disease. The denial followed revelations that a Parkinson’s specialist had visited the White House multiple times in recent months, sparking speculation about the president’s health.

“Has the president been treated for Parkinson’s? No. Is he being treated for Parkinson’s? No. He’s not. Is he taking medication for Parkinson’s? No,” Jean-Pierre asserted. She explained that the specialist’s visits were related to the treatment of military personnel at the White House, not the president.

These denials come amid rising concerns about Biden’s health, which have been exacerbated by his recent debate performance and an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. In the interview, Biden blamed his poor debate showing on a cold, referring to it as a “bad night.” He has also avoided committing to an independent cognitive test, stating, “Every day I have that test. Everything I do.”

Adding to the concern, a report from The New York Times titled “Biden’s Lapses Are Said to Be Increasingly Common and Worrisome” claims that Biden’s moments of confusion and disorientation are becoming more frequent. “People who have spent time with President Biden over the last few months or so said the lapses appear to have grown more frequent,” the report notes.

“[C]urrent and former officials and others who encountered him behind closed doors noticed that he increasingly appeared confused or listless, or would lose the thread of conversations.”

The White House continues to defend the president’s health, emphasizing that he is fully capable of carrying out his duties. However, the ongoing scrutiny and speculation about Biden’s health remain a contentious issue, with the administration working to maintain public confidence in the president’s ability to lead.

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