Vice Presidential Role Under Scrutiny Amid Biden Health Concerns

Concerns over President Joe Biden’s health have spotlighted Vice President Kamala Harris, emphasizing the need for a more rigorous selection process for vice presidential candidates. Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley recently highlighted the potential of Harris becoming president due to Biden’s cognitive decline, describing it as a concerning possibility.

This situation has renewed focus on the vice presidency, a position that has not seen an occupant ascend to the presidency in 60 years. The selection of vice presidents has often been driven by political strategy rather than their readiness to govern. Biden’s choice of Harris in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and social justice movements, was largely seen as a strategic move to align with the current socio-political climate.

As noted by NPR, Harris’s selection mirrored Biden’s own vice-presidential candidacy in 2008, combining an experienced white politician with a younger, minority running mate. However, Harris’s limited leadership and policy experience compared to former Vice President Mike Pence became apparent during their debate.

This highlights a broader issue about the criteria for selecting vice presidential candidates. While historical picks like Dick Cheney and Joe Biden were chosen for their experience and ability to balance the ticket, Harris’s selection was more about meeting social and political narratives.

With Biden’s health in question, the likelihood of Harris assuming the presidency is higher than usual. This underscores the need for vice presidential candidates to be thoroughly vetted and ready to lead if necessary.

As the upcoming election draws closer, it is imperative for both parties to seriously consider the significance of the vice presidential role. The Trump campaign is expected to scrutinize Biden’s health and Harris’s readiness, highlighting the importance of choosing a capable vice presidential candidate. The current political landscape demands that vice presidential selections are made based on their preparedness to govern, rather than just their ability to attract votes.

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