Steve Bannon’s Daughter Declares Imprisonment Won’t Silence Him

Maureen Bannon, daughter of former White House strategist Steve Bannon, stated on Tuesday that her father’s politically motivated imprisonment will not silence his voice or the reach of his show “War Room.” Speaking on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show, she emphasized that despite her father’s absence, his influence would persist and even grow louder.

“War Room will not be silenced,” Maureen asserted. “They believe that by putting him in prison, that War Room’s just going to go away [and] that no one is going to hear his voice. That is … honestly not true. His voice will get louder.”

Steve Bannon reported to federal prison on Monday to serve a four-month sentence for defying subpoenas from the House Jan. 6 Select Committee. Despite his incarceration, Maureen assured that the show would continue with guest hosts who would ensure that Bannon’s message remains strong and widespread.

“He might not be behind the mic every day for the next four months, but we will have amazing guest hosts that will get the word out,” Maureen added.

Bannon has described himself as a “political prisoner” and expressed pride in going to prison, viewing it as a stand against Democratic leaders. His supporters see his imprisonment as a badge of honor and a testament to his commitment to his beliefs.

As Bannon serves his sentence, his daughter and the “War Room” team are determined to amplify his voice, ensuring that his influence and message continue to resonate with his audience. The show aims to persist as a platform for Bannon’s views, maintaining its stance and purpose despite his physical absence.

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